The heartbreaking story behind Chrissy Teigen’s miscarriage.


The loss of the unborn baby was not by a miscarriage it was an abortion to save Chrissy’s life 

Chrissy Teigen and her husband John Legend decided to abort their unborn baby to save Chrissy’s life.

On Thursday Chrissy Teigen reveals the truth behind the loss of her 20 weeks old unborn baby Jack John Legend, disclosed that it was not a miscarriage, it was an abortion to save her life.

As she was suffering from a lot of pain and guilt, she tells why she finally get agreed to abort the baby.

What forced Chrissy Teigen to abort her 20 weeks old unborn baby?

Two years ago when Chrissy Teigen was pregnant with her third baby. It was very clear that the baby is not going to survive, even any medical treatment can’t cure him.

In August, she posted something shocking on Instagram where she wrote that how they were not able to stop the bleeding and give him the proper fluid he needs, despite bags and bags of blood transfusions still it was not enough. 

Another blessing of God for Chrissy Teigen.

Teigen has two kids Luna (6) and Miles (4) and now she is pregnant again and this time both baby and mother are fine.

She continued I was frustrated as I said it was a Miscarriage, the world accept it, and everyone start to believe that it was a miscarriage. Then I came in front and accept this was abortion life-saving abortion 

Chrissy Teigen’s miscarriage

A New Beginning with a new life and full optimism with recalling the past.

Now Chrissy comes with full energy and optimism for her pregnancy without recalling her past loss 

While speaking in an interview for a magazine she said yes it still hurts but a miracle always happens if you truly do something.

She wrote in her caption that happiness knocks out the door again. After this confession, she take a deep breath and said now my heart is light as everything is clear.


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