Why is the Tiktok AI death prediction trending? What does it mean? 


Tiktok is a place where the most random of things can go viral and the most ridiculous of content become trends, sometimes, these trends are out rightly ridiculous, at others, completely enigmatic and weird, but this time, something that may be deemed as serious by the audience is trending on the platform of TikTok, there’s a new filter out there which can supposedly predict your the time of your demise and how will it happen, this is not the first time a trend is going viral on the platform of TikTok that involves the supposed using of an AI, however, the prediction of someone’s death is something very serious, this is indeed creepy to some extent and probably scary to many.

New trend of death prediction on TikTok goes Viral

Tiktok is a platform where the most ridiculous of trend can go viral, while some of them have a reputation of not going down well with the public that uses tiktok, the death prediction filter which has become a trend that’s Spreading like wild fire on the platform of tiktok is one of those trends which has earned the ire of the public.

What’s with the death prediction trend on Tiktok 

The death prediction filter that is now a part of the trending section on the platform of Tiktok works using modern day artificial intelligence, one has to select the filter and then go to the search option, where in a phrase or so, you’ve to describe how you are going to meet your demise, and then the Artificial intelligence will go ahead to create an image that will depicting the very same, as creepy as it sounds, the filter is going all viral on the platform of Tiktok, although it appears disturbing to many on the platform who have gone ahead to voice their concern against the viral trend.

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