Rapper Ice-T addresses LA as a Dangerous place to live.

Rapper Ice-T addresses LA as a Dangerous place to live.


On Wednesday, the Rapper Ice-T pass a statement Los Angeles is now a dangerous place to live as crime in the city is rising day by day. 

The rising gang culture in Los Angeles becoming an issue of concern.

On Wednesday, the rapper Ice-T’s Twitter was active where he discussed the rising gang culture refers to the recent murder case of another rapper PnB who was killed and shot recently in a robbery.

He further tells that robbery is so common and normal in Los Angeles A that now people didn’t complain about it they have accepted it as a cause of life. Even law and order don’t look at it. 

Why do rappers in Los Angeles never wear costly jewellery and other stuff?

In LA people often thinks that a rapper is not wearing the jeweler and cool stuff doesn’t mean he is broke but that’s not the reason the real reason is The Crime.

We don’t wear a lot of jeweler here in Los Angeles because it is unsafe for us. We do have a lot of expensive stuff but we don’t carry them out because we knew Los Angeles is a dangerous place for rappers or not then why check your luck? Statement by Rapper Ice-T

He also said I agreed on some wearing expensive clothing and others stuff but they only appear with it on some special occasions other they will also go for no glitter, 

I, snoop, Game, Kendrick, cube and some more do this trick a lot in Los Angeles 

Late rapper, PnB Rock was killed and shot just for money.

After the death of the late rapper PnB Rock the police team confirmed that he was wearing a huge no of jewelry which was stolen by the robber after they killed and shot him. 

Even some big influence politicians are lying about the crime rise in Los Angeles as Congresswomen Karen Bass told a media outlet that Los Angeles is 10 out of 10 for safety. Later it was found that her own house is burglaries. 

If influenced people are not safe in Los Angeles then what to say about common people, let’s see what the law does about this, till then stay connected.


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