A channel launched by Snoop Dogg for kids 

Snoop Dogg

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It appears that after making a career in the music industry and having his life filled with songs, Snoop Dogg is now willing to go down a different path as he makes a YouTube channel of his own for children which will have a variety of content related to children’s education among other things, the name of the channel will be titled Doggyland and it will have content which will have nursery rhymes and poems, he means to instill social values in the kids of today with the help of dance and music and in a particular way through rap, this new venture has expanded the list of his growing businesses, in a press release he gave recently, Snoop Dogg said that he felt that as a father, grandfather and a coach in football for a long time, he felt that it was his responsibility to make something that can be counted as a contribution in the field of education and provide a safe environment for the children all around. He talked about how he wanted to make something that is diverse so as to include everyone and is related by all the kids around the world, he wanted to do something that let the kids be kids, he talked about how he collected a team of very talented people around the world to get the project of doggyland underway

Reaction of Fans on the YouTube channel of snoop dogg

As mentioned in the bio of the channel, the content of the channel aims to educate children in a variety of topics like Letters, numbers, manners, colours, good habits and personal hygiene among others, the content is claimed to be created by some of the best music producers around and is assured as family friendly, the fans of the rapper are excited as he steps into a whole new world of business and childrens education.

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