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You all will be very glad to know that your favorite south Korean music band BLACKPINK is returning with a concert of their own and their fans can’t help but be excited about it, this year has seen the return of many musicians and bands as they reached out for their fans in live performances through concerts, tours, and other music festivals, by now, your calendars may be filled with the marking of the dates of your favorite musicians and their concerts, well it won’t hurt to add one more would it?

Dates for the concert of the BLACKPINK

When on the 19th of august this year, blackpink dropped their now much loved single Pink Venom from their album Born pink, fans were very happy since it was after a very long time they got something from their favorite south Korean girl group BLACKPINK, their born pink tour has excited the fans a lot and most of them cant wait to see their favorite musicians perform live, the dates for the concert of the blackpink in Seoul are the 15th and 16th of october.

Whats unique about blackpink concert in Seoul

You all will be excited to know that the next song from the BORNPINK album will be dropping on the 16th of september, the song released earlier, called Pink Venom, was also a part of the album and was loved a lot by the fans of the group, apart from this, the much awaited tour of the group begins on 15th of October in Seoul and fans are very excited to see them.

Tickets for BLACKPINK concert in Seoul

If you are a card holding member of the official fan club of the black pink, you can get your hands on the tickets before everyone else, also a pre sale of the tickets already began on the 22nd of august at Interpark.

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