Amid Social media outrage, Capitol records cuts ties with Rapper FN Meka

first AI-powered virtual rapper, FN Meka


In what had been dubbed as something very revolutionary in the industry of music, when a virtual rapper which is operated by a modern-day artificial intelligence had been brought on board on the roaster of musicians of Capitol records, now it seems that the music label wants to cut ties to this robot rapper as his deal has been canceled from the end of the company and all contracts are terminated.

Why did Capitol records drop FN Meka?

It appears that the cancel culture of the social media spares no one, not even a music label as large as Capitol records could avoid its wrath, it seems that the public thinks the music label is engaging in and promoting racial stereotypes against the community of the blacks, the design and look and appearance of the rapper FN Meka is being said to be inappropriate towards the black people and is promoting racial stereotypes, they also claimed that he belittled the issue of police brutality and downplayed it, in one of the shots, he could be seen being physically assaulted, even some of the lyrics, which as claimed, are generated by the AI of the rapper itself, are controversial in nature where he talks about the brutal attitude of the police towards the people from the black community.

Reaction towards FN Meka

Many went ahead to voice their anger against what they deemed to be injustice against the people of the black community, they said that this figure confirms racial stereotypes and makes light of the issue of police brutality against the people of the black community.

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