Kendall Jenner’s opens about the narrative for her new promo for the Kardashians

Kendall Jenner


Now that there is a wild narrative that is set up around the rich American family of Kardashians and Kendall Jenner’s after the new promo for the show the Kardashians dropped, she took the opportunity to talk about and address the narrative that is wild in nature.


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Kendall Jenner discusses the wild narrative of her family

The famous reality show the Kardashians is all set to return with another season and fans can’t help but be excited about it, some teasers for the show had been dropped earlier, one of them featured Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson in the middle of a heated conversation, one of the latest promos, however, we can see Kendall talking about her family and the perception of the media and the public that has been created about them. She can been getting aboard a plan in one of the shots, the 26 year old model can be seen talking about how the narrative is already set in stone regarding the family of Kardashians and Jenner’s, and no matter what one does, it cannot be changed or altered despite the best attempts. Even Khloe Kardashian was given a shot where she is wearing putting on a pair of sunglasses and saying how their family was actually built for exactly this, Kendall had also been very open in discussing about her mental health problems like facing anxiety, while sitting for an interview with the Vogue magazine last week, she could been seen talking about how writing in a journal and reading her favorite books help her keep her mental health in line, she told how the issue of anxiety has pestered her over the course of paste many years and there are times when she finds herself struggling badly.

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