Wendy Williams billboard was replaced by the poster of Sherri Shepherd 

Sherri Shepherd poster replaces Wendy Williams’ billboard ahead of the new show’s premiere



As it appears, the face of Sherri Shepherd has now almost covered that of Wendy Williams, as a part of the promotion campaign for her upcoming daytime talk show, the posters are being put up in all major cities of the United States, although one such poster is of note because of the fact of its very interesting location, on the Thursday that went by, that was the 1st of September, the poster of the new show of Sherri Shepherd now is fixed on the location where once the billboard of the Wend Williams show once stood, one of the more interesting things that the fans noticed was the fact that the production of the new upcoming daytime show Sherri Shepherd will take place in the same studio where the Wendy Williams show was produced, in conversation with one of the members of the crew on site, the TMZ reported that the refurnishing of the studio is going quite well as all is being done to meet the needs of the new and upcoming daytime show starring Sherri Shepherd, the studio is also undergoing another round of painting with some cheery and bright colors this time, and the tones that are benign sued are reportedly blue and yellow, it is said that the colors are chosen keeping in mind the personality of the 55 year old comedian sherri shepherd.

Wendy Williams react to the new show of Sherri Shepherd

While in conversation with fat joe in an interview on the sixth of may in the year 2022, Wendy had revealed that she wont be tuning in to watch the episodes of the new and upcoming daytime shoe of Sherri shepherd, she said that she wont be watching the show of Sherri Shepherd since thats not her sort of thing, she instead prefers something else, she also drops a few hints about launching her own podcast 

Photo: SplashNews.com


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