The body of Kiely Rodni found by divers in an overturned car

Divers find Kiely Rodni’ body



Members of the group adventurers with purpose have finally put a stop to a mystery of a teen from the state of California going by the name of Kiely Rodni who had been labeled as missing for about the past two weeks, the divers had discovered the corpse of the missing teenager in an overturned car.

Corpse of missing girl located by divers

A famous search and rescue team of underwater divers known as the Adventurers with Purpose had began their mission and conducted their operations in the depth of Prosser lake, where they made a report that they had discovered and recovered a body of a 16 year old girl in an overturned car inside the lake, upon closer examination, they discovered that the body belonged to Kiely Rodni, who had been missing for the past two weeks, the divers group took to the social media platform of facebook to announce the results of their operations and how they went on to find the body of the girl in question, which was found in an overturned vehicle, they told how theyve made this information of the discovery of the body of the missing teen from california Kiely Rodni known to the law enforcement and the family members of the girl, they told that they found the vehicle around 14 feet deep in the lake with the body inside, nevertheles the success of a volunteer diver group in finding the corpse of the missing girl raises a lot of questions for the authorities as to why they were not able to find her despite taking such a long time and having all the resources to their disposal although the office of the sheriff of the placer county stated that they had put seven officers and an equal number of helicopters for the search.

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