Jon Pardi and his wife Summer’s first baby.


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The American singer and songwriter John Pardi is expecting a baby with his wife Summer. 

A new addition to the family.

Jon and Summer are expecting a baby early next year, for this, they both came on Instagram to announce the good news officially.

Recently in an interview with a media outlet, Jon told how excited he is about the new addition to the family, later in the interview he said “I am really excited to meet our Little Pardi” I am really happy that now I have got a new partner to walk around the ranch.

Jon’s wife summer also come forward to express her feeling and happiness regarding the good news.

In an interview with a media outlet Summer also expressed how excited she is to be a mother and to see her husband becoming a father.

In addition, she also said that now she is going to have two kids as her husband Jon Pardi is also a grown-up man with a kid’s heart and she knew that after the birth of the baby both father and child are going to fill the home full of positivity and innocence.

Everything about the Couple John Pardi and Summer Pardi. 

The couple started dating in the year 2016 after dating for some 4 years finally the couple tied their knot in 2020 since then they wanted to grow their family and have a perfect life.  

Summer told people that it was the best two years of my life, not the perfect one as we also had many ups and down having constantly let-down months and finally after years of not getting anything we decided to take a break and enjoy our life to the wildest and craziest giving everything in god’s hand and see we are pregnant now the happiest part of my life has come. 

Although the singer is not there to celebrate the beginning time with Summer as he is busy launching his new album “ MR Saturday night” till the first week of September, he also going on a tour till November 1, but still, their love strings don’t make them feel alone.

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