Earnie Shavers, a man with the hardest punch in boxing history, dies at 78

Gabe Ginsberg/FilmMagic


Fans of the former heavyweight boxing legend Earnie Shavers are very sad at the news that one of their all time favorite boxers died at the age of 78, Earnie shavers was a boxer from the heavyweight category of boxing and it is said that in the history of boxing as a modern-day sport, he is known to be the man with the hardest punch ever recorded, Earnie over the course of his career had over 68 knockouts nutrition and addiction, he is even known to have gone toe trucks to toe with the legend Muhammed Ali who upholds the claim of Earnie having a very hard punch.

The boxing career of Earnie Shavers 

Earnie Shavers had entered the world of boxing when he was young in the 1970s had been the part of the heavyweight category in the sport, he had soon risen to fame and had the unofficial title of the man having the hardest punch, he was a known name in the sport as recent as mid years of the 1990s, over the course of years that spanned his career, he is said to have about 68 knockouts, some of his most famous fights are the ones when he was pitted against boxing legends like Muhammed Ali and Larry Holmes.

How did Earnie Shavers die?

Earnie shavers, the heavyweight boxer with the title of the man with the hardest punch, recently met his demise at the age of 78, his fans and family and friends alike are very sad at this heartbreaking news, whats make this even more sad is the fact that he had his birthday on the wednesday that went by, that is the 31st of august, and then next day he left all of us for his heavenly abode, although the reason for the death of the famous boxer is not yet revealed, fans all around the globe remember him on his death           

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