Landon Barker talks about his struggle with derealization 

Landon Barker


Landon Barker, who had been recently in highlight for being the man TikTok star Charli D Amelio was dating, singer Travis Barker’s son is now once again in the news as he talks about his struggle against derealization, it’s a very rare psychological disorder which is known to have affected a small population around the world if the statistics are to be pulled up, then the victims of this disorder make up about roughly two percent of the global population, a majority of them coming from the united states.

What is derealization?

Derealization, as the name suggests, is a disorder in which a person starts to imagine a reality of their own and begins to think that they exist there, which in turn gets them disconnected from their present, some of the patients claim that having this disorder makes them feel like a robot, others admit it feels as if looking at the world through a glass, while some even go on to say that it feels as if they are in a movie, if the exact definition of this disorder is to be determined, we can consult an article that is available on the website of Mayo Clinic, it states that depersonalization derealization order is a condition in which  the mind begins to perceive that it is observing the body from outside, as if in a third person video game, another thing that may happen in this case is that if one starts to believe that things around them arent real canceltimesharegeek, such feelings can be very disturbing at time and it can be traumatizing experience since it makes you feel like nothing is actually real and you are living in a dream like state.

Landon  Barker about his depersonalization disorder 

Recently, landon barker took to the social media platform of instagram and used the stories feature to talk about his depersonalization derealization disorder and also revealed how he had even taken professional help.


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