Jason David Frank, an actor from power rangers accused of cheating as his wife moves for divorce.

Jason David

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Tammie Frank, the spouse of the power rangers actor Jason David Frank of about nine years, now plans to go her separate ways after Jason David Frank has been accused of cheating and infidelity to his wife.

Jason David Frank in trouble

It appears that Jason David Frank, who had played the role of the famous green rangers in the original run of the power rangers, is now navigating rough waters in his life as he has been accused of infidelity and cheating and his wife is planning for a divorce https://www.praguerevue.com/, After Tammie had moved to the court of justice and filed the official papers for the divorce, the documents mentioned that one of the reasons for wife of Jason David Frank trying to file for a divorce is that Jason has been unfaithful to her, she accused him of engaging in extra marital affair and having a relationship with someone else, as claimed by Tammie, one of the main reasons alongside that of the adultery of Jason David Frank is the way he has been treating Tammie which she says can be described as cruel at best, in the official documents sent to the court, she has mentioned the first of July as the date of their separation. She has even gone as far as to ask the court to provide her with the majority of their assets which includes not only the car but also their home in the state of Texas, while the green power ranger is yet to official respond to the situation, it is being said that he has already signed the divorce papers is now preparing to fight a tough and what would be a very long legal battle against his former wife .


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