Andrew Tate’s final reaction to him being banned on several social media platforms

Andrew Tate


Former martial artist and current internet sensation are now being fired at from all corners as he is being targeted by social media giants who are on a rampage of banning him on various platforms, this is not the first time Andrew Tate found himself as a target of the netizens as well as the higher-ups on social media, back in 2017, when Andrew had given a very controversial statement about rapes and rape victims, he had been banned from the microblogging platform of Twitter and has been never been allowed to return ever since.

It now appears that the former kickboxer is now quite pissed off at this cornering and he has left what he dubs as his final message on the social media application of Vimeo, where apparently he still has a presence.

Andrew Tate on Social Media

Andrew Tate’s rise to social media began when he had been a part of the Reality TV show Big Brother, where Andrew had to be removed because his presence was being deemed as if threatening to the other members of the house, and some of his controversial video where he could be seen physically assaulting a woman, Andrew maintains that this whole act of being violent was purely consensual, and since now, its not unusual for content of Andrew to fill your entire For You Page, his content leans more into the chauvinistic side of things, sometimes going as far as into the misogynist end of the spectrum.

The final message from Andrew Tate

The former kickboxer and current social media sensation Andrew Tate gave a message on the app of Vimeo, where he uploaded an hour long video as a response for his ban, he very subtly compared his situation to a school bully to what is happening with him on social media.

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