Beyond Scared Star Ashley Tropez dies at 24




Ashley Tropez, an actress from Beyond Scared, had been found at abandoned after she met her demise, the 24-year-old young actress, had been a part of a reality TV show that centered around the troubles of youth and young adulthood, we know Ashley was good at her work when we know already that she had bagged at least one Emmy nomination for her role in the series that ran for a course of about 9 seasons, her fans were very shocked to find that their favorite actress is no more, and are stilling reeling from the news of her demise, an individual has already been brought in by the authorities on grounds of suspicions of the murder of Ashley Tropez.

Beyond Scared Star Ashley found dead at an abandoned house 

Actress Ashley Tropez, who was just 24 years old and had been a part of the Show Beyond Scared, was found in an abandoned house, by the time the police reached at her location, her body was lifeless and had become a corpse, the victorville police department had been informed about the location of the corpse, when the members of the police force arrived on the scene, they found the corpse of the actress Ashley Tropez in an desolated and abandoned house on the 16600 block in victor street, as per the reports made by the cops that were present on the scene, the corpse had several wounds and injuries that were traumatic in nature, the police is hard on work to find out the one who is responsible for the cold blooded murder of Ashley Tropez, the police has already brought in an individual by the name of Alexis Call whom they believe is to be suspected of murder of Ashley Tropez.

Who killed Ashley Tropez

The police investigating the murder of Ashley Tropez believe that a woman from the state of california who goes by the name of Alexis Call is behind the crime and has taken her into custody.


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