Fox channel to drop their new docu-series TMZ investigates: What happened to Richard Simmons

What Really Happened to Richard Simmons to release on the Fox channel


The network fox is all set to release their new documentary series titled TMZ investigates: what happened to Richard Simmons, the series will focus on the life of the American Fitness personality who had been famous for his eccentric and flamboyant behavior back in the day.

The release date for TMZ investigates: What happened to Richard Simmons

The show TMZ investigates: What happened to Richard Simmons is all set to be broadcast on the 22nd of august, it will be focused on the life of the world-renowned fitness personality Richard Simmons, he was best known for his flamboyant approach to life and had a take towards life that could be described as eccentric at best, as the synopsis of the claims, it tries to investigate the circumstances that played a key role in what could be best described as fall from grace, since he has not been seen in the past 8 years, TMZ took the opportunity to explore the life Richard Simmons, and in an attempt to do so have come in contact various people connected closely to the life Richard Simmons like his costume designer Leslie Wilshire, Bruce Vilanch, Suzanne Somers, Dr Phil among others. After what has been said as his last public appearance in the year of 2014, Richard just actually did what many find exaggeration, he vanished into thin air, nor the people from the paparazzi nor his presence has been detected on any social media.

Is Richard Simmons dead or alive?

Despite his best efforts to stay below the radar and keep a low profile, a recent report from sources establish that he is still alive and fine, keeping his presence away from social media and public life, Richard has been living in his house with three of his dogs and loves and enjoys his solitude.

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