Quando Rondo is now safe, despite being involved in the shooting of Los Angeles

Quando Rondo


Despite the rumors that were spreading on the internet like wildfire that Quando Rondo has been killed in a shootout in the city of Los Angeles, he is safe and sound is out of harm’s way.

Is Quando Rondo dead?

Tyquian Terrel Bowman, who is better as known Quando Rondo in the music industry, had been involved in a shootout that took place in the streets of Los Angeles, the shooting took place on the friday that went by, that is the 19th of august, soon after the rumors began to circulate that he had been shot in the confrontation and was probably injured fatally in the shootout, when the rumors reached their peak, the Public Relations team of Quando Rondo cleared the air around this and issued a statement clarifying that the rapper Quando Rondo is completely fine and safe and out of harms way, they told that although Quando is safe and no harm has been done to him, another man met his demise in the incident, if the reports made by the sources are correct, then Quando Rondo and some of his friends were refueling their vehicles at a gas station when three men present at the station pulled out firearms and began to fire multiple rounds in all directions, the shooters had arrived in a white car, and began to shoot at Quando and his friends, in the clips that spreading like wildfire on the internet, he could be seeing moving his arms rapidly in the air as he was visibly shaking on the feet.


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Not the first time Quando was targeted

Back in the month of May, in the previous year, he had been at a convenience store when he had been been targeted by multiple shooters, he had also been dragged in the murder of King Von and was also and was also fired upon outside Moocah Lunge

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